Singapore Mozaic

Mozaic logo-2013-7-22

Business with Passion and Style

The Singapore Mozaic brand brings together a collection of successful Singapore furniture companies that offers a diverse portfolio of consumer, business and specially crafted products.
With the commitment to improve how consumers worldwide live and work, Singapore Mozaic delivers business with passion and style. Singapore Mozaic is a B2B brand that encapsulates the essence of Singapore furniture as well as the attributes of Singapore furniture companies:

  • Experience management, skilled workforce and proven infrastructure help generate consistent and progressive solutions
  • Unique blend of Eastern and Western business practices, up-to-date design capabilities and versatile production resources
  • Anticipate, adapt and respond to customer needs and market conditions
  • Reliable, service-oriented, deliver good quality and help our customers stay one step ahead of competition
  • Principled, open and honest in adhering to the brand’s philosophy

Singapore Mozaic Members

  • Abitex Designs (S) Pte Ltd
  • Air Division Pte Ltd
  • Benel Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Buylateral Group Pte Ltd
  • Cellini Design Center Pte Ltd
  • Design Tray Interior (S) Pte Ltd
  • Eurosa Furniture Co (Pte) Ltd
  • Ewins Pte Ltd
  • Falcon Incorporation Pte Ltd
  • Four Star Industries Pte Ltd
  • Getz Bros & Co (S) Pte Ltd
  • Haleywood Industries Pte Ltd
  • Harvest Link International Pte Ltd
  • Home of Homes Furniture Pte Ltd
  • HTL International Holdings Ltd
  • Innoplan Technology Pte Ltd
  • Kingsmen Projects Pte Ltd
  • Koda Ltd
  • Lam Chuan Import Export Pte Ltd
  • Lorenzo International Limited
  • MLC Marketing Pte Ltd
  • Nobel Design Holdings Ltd
  • Office Planner Pte Ltd
  • Seng Kwong Furniture Company
  • Sitra Holdings (International)Limited
  • Star Furniture Pte Ltd
  • Suncoast Sitra Pte Ltd
  • TAK Products & Services Pte Ltd
  • Univonna Pte Ltd
  • Urban Foundry Pte Ltd
  • Wilsin Office Furniture (S) Pte Ltd